Obscene Newspaper Frontpage And The Pornographic Details They Don’t Tell

Tapa naufragos El País ENG

Today’s Obscene Cover: Newspaper cover showing dozens of shipwrecked immigrants in the Mediterranean.

The pornographic details that journalism DOES NOT report:

  • One of them wanted to be an artist and learn oil painting in Europe.
  • Two of them were in love.
  • A woman was hiding a deep secret of her past.
  • Three of them who did not know each other, believed to be carriers of a divine message.
  • A few-month-old baby was endowed with a privileged mind.
  • Someone was going to make a lot of money in the future and donate it to the benefit of many people
  • And hundreds of etceteras.
  • And meanwhile, the powers of Europe seek a “solution” to illegal immigration rather than using all his strength to impose peace in the regions where these refugees come from.

Beat Generation South: Coming soon!

Beat G logo 03 marca agua

Yes, there is a Beat Generation in the deep South of the Earth. Precisely in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a decade younger in age than the US Beat Generation concocted by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, Lucien Carr, Herbert Huncke, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and others. Inevitably, the South Beat Generation (I’m registering here that brand) received his first poems and nutrients from writings of the Beat poets of the North, fighting in resistance against the Vietnam War and in opposition to the racial discrimination against afroamerican people. The geographically small epicenter of this South Beat Generation was drawing itself along the Pueyrredón avenue, from the neighborhood of Recoleta (“La Cueva de Pueyrredón” between Juncal Street  and French Street, now the entrance to a building garage), the Once neighborhood (“La Perla del Once”, Pueyrredón Ave. and Rivadavia Ave, today a rock sanctuary, offering concerts performed by musicians from the first and second generational “waves”) and then to the downtown (the Di Tella Institute in Florida between Santa Fe Ave. and Paraguay St., today replaced by commercial shops).

I hit my maiden flight in that circuit only in 1967, when I was a pre-teen fervently passionate for the Beatles, and without really knowing where I was dabbling, my mother, a visual artist herself, took me by the hand to the Di Tella Institute to have a glimpse of two exhibition-happenings created by Marta Minujin, and since then, those “The Menesunda” incenses and that strobe fluorescence of the “Importation-Exportation” Show dazzled my soul forever. I felt as a newcomer to that cloud that promised me a lifetime of art and psychedelia, when suddenly appeared in my house Robertino Granados, one of the members of the theater “Lobo Group” of the Di Tella Institute, to give body-expression classes to my older sister and one of her teenager girlfriends. That day was born a lasting friendship with Robertino, which today, after 47 years, continues to grow and strengthen with roots that reach the most subtle corners of existence. The following years came to me in a way Gurdjieff would have called “Meetings with Remarkable Men”, and thus came first in my hometown, San Martin, Sol, the drummer who passed from  London to the barbiturate Heaven, Tango or Tanguito or Ramses, the legendary fellow also from San Martin; later came meeting my since then idol Luis Alberto Spinetta in Bajo Belgrano, and soon I got on “The Imaginary Express” bringing Jorge Pistocchi, Pipo Lernoud, Jorge Kaczewer, Bobby Curto, Alfredo Rosso, Claudio Kleiman and so many more, and almost immediately Miguel Grinberg and Mario Rabey.

Miguel Grinberg Lawrence Ferlinghetti Allen Ginsberg Colorado 1990 b

From left to right: Miguel Grinberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg.

Of all these precious names I will try to gather around this blog, to those who are on this side of the sunset, and the words of those who already transcended the threshold. They’ll come with books, poems, sounds. That is my commitment: to congregate here with you, dear followers and visitors, the authentic and living South Beat Generation. Very soon!

Oh! I realize that throughout the post I didn’t mention the word “Hippie” .OK, here you are!

Leonardo da Vinci, Banksy & Ashley Madison. Who knows the truth?

Mona Lisa - Jacopo Saltarelli

The suspicious resemblance between Mona Lisa and Jacopo Santarelli, the young model accused of being sodomized by Leonardo.

In Renaissance Florence of the Quattrocento, the city hall located in the Palazzo della Signoria (or Palazzo Vecchio) threatened from its outer wall with a fearsome mailbox where anybody who pleased and completely anonymously, could lodge a complaint of any kind and caliber against any citizen of the Tuscan city. On April 8, 1476, this mailbox received a terrible allegation for that  time and place: Leonardo da Vinci would had committed sodomy with a young man who was the focus of the text of the telltale letter, and in Florence homosexuality was considered a serious crime, although widely practiced. The young Leonardo, about to turn 24 years old, suffered painful consequences of this complaint, which was dismissed for lack of witnesses, although it was repeated two months later in the same way. Even without penalty of the law, Leonardo’s father and brothers believed the complaint instead of the artist rebuttals and they decided not to talk to him since.

History left evidence suggesting strongly that the insidious complaint was due more to political reasons than to any interest in Leonardo ‘s sexuality . However  that complaint was aimed to make public a private issue, and the fact alleged was considered at that time as a serious transgression that would threaten the order, the mental and the physical social health.

With indisputable characteristics of immortality, Leonardo reappears in our century, although a few years later, in the universe of Shadowrun , the celebrated RPG, this time in the form of a novel under the title of “Black Madonna” –written by Sargent and Gascoigne . Here Leonardo appears blackmailing multinational corporations as a source of resources to finance the prototypes of his inventions , which are not war machines or flying machines anymore but highly destructive computer virus.
Ashley Madison 01 ENG In this same vein to make public what was kept private, in order to harm someone, these days some mysterious hands took between 30 and 40 million confidential data from the website Ashley Madison, and let them go flying like white pigeons. At first ruthless hackers were accused and now is gaining ground the suspicion on a former female employee of the company that made a simple theft of information. The remarkable thing is that Ashley Madison is a site dedicated to facilitate adulterous relations for who choose to do so. Here there is no slander or gossip. In these times, adultery is considered a serious violation that threatens the order, the mental and the physical social health, as it was homosexuality in the Florentine Quattrocento, a serious crime widely practiced. So hacking or theft of information and publishing data of Ashley Madison was a clandestine action performed with moralizing intentions? One tends to think of hackers as liberators rebels operating with a counter-cultural drive that connects them with us, and not an inquisitors’ and crusaders’ punitive cause. It doesn’t seem to belong to the same category of the residents of a neighborhood in any Latinamerican city photographing license plates of cars cruising where transvestites are offering sexual services. Here are other motivations, like the complaint against Leonardo da Vinci tried to harm Lorenzo de Medici.

In recent hours, Ashley Madison users harmed by the data breach, have begun to receive blackmailing messages and threats from people who claim to have information that implicates them . Until now it said that only 0.01% of the threatened has agreed to pay the price of $ 450.- for blackmailers not to disclose information to the marital counterpart involved. Meanwhile, Ashley Madison offers a reward in cold, hard cash, of 500,000 Canadian dollars (about US $ 377.000.-) to who helps catch the bandits. Short against the $1,400,000 that would rise the blackmailers only from the one ten-thousandth of the injured who accepted  the imposed payment.

In this new RPG where today’s world is getting into, competing blackmailing  versus rewards, seeing who bids more for his good name and his conjugal peace, if not for a clean conscience, not be surprising that Disney people would offer a cash reward for who helps to identify the artist Banksy with full name and photograph. Anyway, I maintain that the name “Dismayland” I devised for a Beat satire 16 years ago in my days in California, is better than the “Dismaland” that Banksy created to name his park.

What is certain is the great discovery Banksy made: that in today’s world the dreams or nightmares that many people must be dreaming on these nights, should look more to Dismaland that the fantasy world of the park created by Old Walt.

Global or Blogal ? – Part 2 And what am I doing here?

In the previous post I’ve opened the game in this blog just looking how to position myself  mentally somewhere in the Blogosphere composed by hundreds of millions of active blogs in the world right now. This disquisition is not intended at all to be an “awareness” in the style of the post-industrial revolution era,  like the old fable of the little guy who suddenly sees himself as a tiny cog in a huge and diabolical machinery or an insignificant grain of sand occupying unknown and random coordinates somewhere in the desert. The point is, according to the formerly quoted figures and assuming that each active blog in the world has one person in charge for authoring and administration, nearly 3% of humanity own a blog and this idea seems to me just amazing: that 3 of every 100 humans keeps busy at least part of their time managing a blog! If we restrict the demographic universe rationally to the 3.17 billion people having Internet access, the percentage of blog owners doubles: about 6% of Internet users worldwide would hold a blog. Going one step further in the brutal application of sophisticated statistics and rule of three, as in the field of those wild claims that public opinion recklessly blows in the wind, in the style of the sentence “there are 7 women for every man” – we know it is an outrageously false and useless assertion- we could say that would be an average of less than 16 exclusive followers for every existing blog over the face of the Earth.

ataque tiburon ENGLISHIf I dragged you up here reading these inconclusive statistics, it was precisely due to directly head for the crux of this post: what service this blog will offer immediately to its followers. The first benefit consists in providing you with those statistical figures that can contribute a tremendous charm to whom casually let slip them on a coffee table, impressing with his or her eloquence to the partners present. The second benefit was contributing to your vernacular the term “crux” and you can access to its meaning just through a click on the word in the body of the paragraph and you will be led accordingly to the related link.

Now, restraining my verbosity, I’ll list the offers that can be found in this blog, since the caption in the header announces “Authorship, creations, ideas, news and works by Pablo Perel and some of his friends .”

  • Texts, images and videos, just as announced in the site title.
  • Digital and paper books, some as a gift and some other for sale at very low prices (the motto is “Everything for $ 2.-“), written just by me or by some of my friends. Narrative, Scripts, Articles, Poetry, Lyrics, Theater plays and much more.
  • Many of these books, which can be downloaded from the blog or being taken to a download portal, will be audio-books recorded with the original author’s voices. There are big surprises on the way! I have a set of exquisite writers friends who many of you know and admire.
  • For Spanish language screenwriters, playwrights, writers, students, scholars and amateurs, I offer my personal and exclusive service “Doctoring in Plot and Dramatic Structure”, the weakest point and neglected issue in scripts written in Spanish. This is not a course but Custom Consulting and a ton of tips and hints open to the general public.

For now these are the items that can be expected in the short term. I’m sorry to inform to the bank manager of the branch where I have my humble savings account that I will not address any of the issues that the most profitable blogs are dedicated to, advice in stock investments , hot information about gadgets, Apps and Web design and celebrity gossip .

I’ll be waiting for your visits and readings daily, and I hope you’ll find an addictive delight entering the blog every time you can as a habit, and to disseminate these contents among those friends you know they feel attracted by these issues.

Welcome and thank you !

Pablo Perel

Global or Blogal ? What am I doing here?


With the most sophisticated methods and devices you could imagine, there are thousands of people working daily on the planet, dedicated just to measure how many blogs are publishing in this very moment something new, every day, and how many open and active blogs there are in total. I retain this figure: 181 million of active blogs until the last day of 2014, but some sources give larger figures. Internet is a realm where everything is spoken in millions or billions ; users, posts, domains, dollars, euros, contacts, hits and more, millions more of a million things. And while the statistical charts show greater concentration of carmine colored points in certain geographical areas, there’s also some presence of points in less densely populated regions and less technologically advanced global world. In this state of things, here I am, and not precisely in one of the world Hi-Tech  epicenters, but neither in one of the least, opening , activating and publicizing this new blog, which who knows where will end.

Crusades 01a

The Crusades invented the globalization in the eleventh century, but it was the racial mass murder in this case.

The word “blog” seems born from a joke, which was not very innocent. It is said that a kid in 1997 had the idea to compile and publish a list of websites visited over a long trip, and he stored that data as “web logs” of all those sites. Got it? “Web log”; they moved the “b” from a word to the other and it turned into “we blog”, and so was born a new verb and a new noun at once: “we blog”. -What do we blog? -A Blog. Thus, little strokes and great oaks apart, the term was inducted in the living dictionary of time. A similar process, moving a little letter aside with nobody noticing, is the mischief that did the Templar Knights after the genocidal First Crusade (1095-1099) and created the idea of turning ​​Sang Real into Saint Grail, pushing silently the letter “G” from left to right; and the heritage of the royal blood of kings descending from the House of King David who  reigned for centuries in Europe, became popular as a nice mystical holy golden cup that someone had hidden with great mischief.

Crusades 01b

But what drives me to open this new blog in such a rogue world, who protested and argued against and in favor of globalization since the last decade of the twentieth century onwards, while in the eleventh century the Crusades globalized for the first time in history the racial mass murder. No, this blog is not to try any mischief , much less lecturing about it, but this post already took too much space, and because the idea is that you, dear followers and readers, attend every day these pages to honor us with your visit, I leave for tomorrow what won’t be done today …To Be Continued.