Global or Blogal ? What am I doing here?


With the most sophisticated methods and devices you could imagine, there are thousands of people working daily on the planet, dedicated just to measure how many blogs are publishing in this very moment something new, every day, and how many open and active blogs there are in total. I retain this figure: 181 million of active blogs until the last day of 2014, but some sources give larger figures. Internet is a realm where everything is spoken in millions or billions ; users, posts, domains, dollars, euros, contacts, hits and more, millions more of a million things. And while the statistical charts show greater concentration of carmine colored points in certain geographical areas, there’s also some presence of points in less densely populated regions and less technologically advanced global world. In this state of things, here I am, and not precisely in one of the world Hi-Tech  epicenters, but neither in one of the least, opening , activating and publicizing this new blog, which who knows where will end.

Crusades 01a

The Crusades invented the globalization in the eleventh century, but it was the racial mass murder in this case.

The word “blog” seems born from a joke, which was not very innocent. It is said that a kid in 1997 had the idea to compile and publish a list of websites visited over a long trip, and he stored that data as “web logs” of all those sites. Got it? “Web log”; they moved the “b” from a word to the other and it turned into “we blog”, and so was born a new verb and a new noun at once: “we blog”. -What do we blog? -A Blog. Thus, little strokes and great oaks apart, the term was inducted in the living dictionary of time. A similar process, moving a little letter aside with nobody noticing, is the mischief that did the Templar Knights after the genocidal First Crusade (1095-1099) and created the idea of turning ​​Sang Real into Saint Grail, pushing silently the letter “G” from left to right; and the heritage of the royal blood of kings descending from the House of King David who  reigned for centuries in Europe, became popular as a nice mystical holy golden cup that someone had hidden with great mischief.

Crusades 01b

But what drives me to open this new blog in such a rogue world, who protested and argued against and in favor of globalization since the last decade of the twentieth century onwards, while in the eleventh century the Crusades globalized for the first time in history the racial mass murder. No, this blog is not to try any mischief , much less lecturing about it, but this post already took too much space, and because the idea is that you, dear followers and readers, attend every day these pages to honor us with your visit, I leave for tomorrow what won’t be done today …To Be Continued.

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