Obscene Newspaper Frontpage And The Pornographic Details They Don’t Tell

Tapa naufragos El País ENG

Today’s Obscene Cover: Newspaper cover showing dozens of shipwrecked immigrants in the Mediterranean.

The pornographic details that journalism DOES NOT report:

  • One of them wanted to be an artist and learn oil painting in Europe.
  • Two of them were in love.
  • A woman was hiding a deep secret of her past.
  • Three of them who did not know each other, believed to be carriers of a divine message.
  • A few-month-old baby was endowed with a privileged mind.
  • Someone was going to make a lot of money in the future and donate it to the benefit of many people
  • And hundreds of etceteras.
  • And meanwhile, the powers of Europe seek a “solution” to illegal immigration rather than using all his strength to impose peace in the regions where these refugees come from.

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