About Pablo Perel

Profile  PP PORTRAIT TA 2013

Film, Theatre & Media Director, Scriptwriter and Producer, Publicist, Advertising Creative, Events and Content Creator and Producer
Consultant, Teacher and Lecturer.

Pablo Perel has a strong track record in areas as diverse as Film, Music, Writing, Theater, Fine Arts, Sciences, Advertising and Media. His multi-skilling abilities make him a unique asset to any film & media production company or project.

Pablo Perel is a film, TV and theater director, author, writer, teacher, musician, and quite a few things else. Educated in painting, music, theater, movies, writing, Poetry and Physics, Pablo was formerly the leader in innumerable projects, such as the Aleph Network TV station, which he created, Argentina’s President counselor in Media, the Cinema Soho and many more. He was an active writer in the magazines El Expreso Imaginario, Zaff!!, Pan Caliente, the newspaper Videodromo and more; a creative producer in the radio seasons of El Tren Fantasma, creative director in Rock&Pop TV, Bitbox Radio and else.

Pablo wrote, directed and produced numerous films, TV shows, advertising spots, full campaigns for major companies and music videos, was scriptwriter and script doctor for full-length feature films, writer for television, radio, books and stage plays such as Terri and the Pope, among others, both in Argentina, Israel and USA. He created TV stations, brands, radio stations, Internet portals and he was distinguished with the Outstanding Artist Certificate by the state of Israel.

He was also a teacher in Sciences, Screenwriting, Filmmaking and Film & TV Production at Universities and professional courses, and he continues writing fiction, drama, comedy, screenwriting and musicals. Two beloved topics, Films and Beatles, give the name to his production company: FilmBeat.

Between  2011 and 2014 Pablo Perel was a National Contents Advisor for the TDA – Argentina Digital Television in fiction and non-fiction productions and programming.

Recently he has seen published the theater play “Terri and the Pope” and his novel “The Little Penis Prince” in Spanish and English.

Also recently Pablo won the Fictional TV Series Development Contest organized by the INCAA, Argentina National Film Institute, with the project “La Bohème from Buenos Aires”.

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