It’s about time to start to meet me

I am Pablo Perel (+ Beat in Facebook). This is my blog.

At school I was taught many lies, maybe less than most of you because I already had some primary antibodies to not believe everything I heard, even from my teachers.

They also tried to teach me to love things that I ended up abominating and also pretended to make me abhor things that eventually turned out to be for me either indifferent or acceptable.

I won’t list those things now, but I do bring an example of one of them.

Here is the link of the Zamba del Bicós.


Zamba del Por qué (Because)
Por qué es redondo el sol me hace volar
Por qué es redondo el sol. Aaaaaahhhhh

Por qué sopla alto el viento me vuela el jopo
Por qué sopla alto el viento. Ahhhhh

Todo es amor, todo es luz.
Amor es todo y eres tú.

Por qué este cielo azul me hace llorar
Por qué este cielo azul ahhh


Lennon, McCartney y Yo.

When I was 18 years old, one evening at a Students’ Day picnic, I took the guitar and began to sing a Beatles’ tune – I believe that it was “Yesterday”. Suddenly appeared a mature man dressed as a gaucho, he popped in into the gathering and took violently the guitar from my hands, he said a few supposedly patriotic atrocities and started singing an argentinian zamba. Since that day I live with a deep trauma because of such an act of chauvinist violence and reactionary deed, until today, when I’ve found the way to conciliate these two musical worlds, less distant between themselves than what are those intolerant dinosaurs with regard to the human being.

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