See what happens when you listen to the Pope’s speech at the White House backwards.

I have read dozens of analyzes and interpretations of the Pope Francisco speeches in his visit to the US, of all signs, colors, angles and ideologies, but all of them agree on one thing: emotion. This Pope has managed to reach with restraint the hearts of right, center and leftwingers alike.

From my humble point of view I find it striking that the Catholic Number One in the world did not mention Jesus, the Church or even a quote from the Gospels in his speech at the White House. I attribute this to his will to offer an universal and broad message.

All very nice and sweet, but at a time when Russia is bombing over Syria, China is coming together with military forces, Israel made compatible positions with Russia, the US “let them do” with cunning and caution, the silence from Europe, and when the fate of the West is on the table, not a word about it has been said.

In the search for a hidden answer, I tried in the best Beatles’ tradition, to play backwards the recorded speech.

Listen to it with your own ears.


A language unknown to me? A message to the aliens from outer space?

What I’ve found is … nothing. In other words, the perfect plan.





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